When I first joined Ravelry I could not understand the popularity of shawls and shawlettes. Really? In this day and age? I mean, I don’t see anyone wearing them around on the streets. I’m all for making useful things, and it just didn’t seem very useful.

However the more I hung around Ravelry, I began to get it, at least somewhat. You get to knit gorgeous lace, interesting, complicated designs without having to stress about gauge, whether it will fit you and whether it will flatter your figure. It’s kind of like quilting for sewers: sewing without fitting!  I am not a quilter myself but given how hard I find making clothes to fit and flatter there are occasional days when I understand the desire to make a flat object!

This shawl (shawlette? it’s not very big) is Azzu’s Shawl by Emma Fassio. It was a very easy TV knit. I added extra eyelet rows and a picot bind off to make the bottom edge more decorative.

The yarn is Mosely Park Cocata which is a hand dyed sock yarn with a very small amount of sparkle. I bought it from a stall at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show recently. It was the first time that I’ve knit with 4ply/fingering and I did enjoy working the light yarn at a loose gauge. The small variations in colour are subtle and beautiful and has inspired me to dye some semi-solids like this myself, as so far I have been only dying multicoloured yarn.

I’m going to think of this piece as a scarf that just happens to be wider in the middle and wear it with the point at the front. It feels very costumy when worn as a traditional shawl. Of course with the weather warming up I doubt it will get much wear until next autumn. Oh well!

On a side note, that skirt is Kwik Sew 3362 made from double knit. It goes well I think.


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