Corduroy Chelsea Pants

Years ago I had a great pair of wide wale navy wide leg pants. They were mens pants and from Colarado (now defunct sadly). They fit me really well as they had a narrow waist and generous fit everywhere else and I wore them to death in my early twenties. Now I have recreated something similar from the StyleArc Chelsea pants pattern.

I intend to make these pants many times, perhaps as longer-length shorts for summer. This pattern is very me. In fact I have just put up a construction tutorial and a fly front tutorial so that I can whip these up forevermore!

They are perhaps not the most glamorous pant but they are sooooo comfortable. I’ve worn them for the last three days. Since wide wale non-stretch corduroy seems to be a pretty unfashionable fabric I was forced to shop at Spotlight. At least they stock it when no one else does (well Rathdowne Fabrics or GJs anyway).

I also think that I may be winning the pants fitting war after many years of pants failure. Success seems to lie in lengthening the back rise significantly before I start and then fitting as I sew. This is how I lengthened the rise with wedges.

Here is my previous version.

Pattern review is here.


7 thoughts on “Corduroy Chelsea Pants

  1. Great trousers!vI’ve got the Jasmine pattern, just have to get up the nerve for a fitting session. You’re inspiring me which is great! I’m so happy to find you have a blog, I always love your pattern reviews. These look great and I’m just off to read the tutorial. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful!!
    Can’t believe how talented you are with this fitting pattern business, not to mention having the time to finish garments! I currently have at least four partially done garments that may never get completed – how do you manage it?

  3. Comfy and highly wearable? Sounds like a winning solution to me! Pants fitting is such a process, too—these look pretty darn good for only a second iteration.

    But comfy… now that trumps all. 😀

  4. Just cracking open this pattern from Style Arc now and I am so grateful for your tutorials. I love your pants – corduroy is such a fun fabric to wear but I bet it isn;t so fun to work with because you have to watch for the nap.

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