Tappan Zee, Hepburn riding skirt and Melbourne blogger meet up.

I haven’t been feeling the blog love lately. I took some photos that well, weren’t my best and didn’t feel like publishing, and the technical side of it makes me want to scream . However yesterday I went and met some lovely Melbourne sewing bloggers and blog-readers and thornberry told me to put up what I was wearing, so here it is! Also my lovely man helped me and I now have a blogroll of sorts – thanks honey!

Tappan Zee cardigan

I do love how this turned out, and I have worn it a lot since I finished it. The pattern is a free Knitty one, and there are 816 projects on Ravelry, so it’s a fairly well loved pattern.

The yarn is Bendigo Wollen Mills Harmony, which is a cotton/wool/lycra blend that I really enjoyed knitting. I knit it at a looser tension of 20st/10cm and the drape is lovely.

As for the skirt I wore yesterday, well I’m not so thrilled.

It’s StyleArc’s Hepburn Riding skirt. The fabric is a wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics.

I’m really not that happy with it. The front pleat is ok, but the pockets gape horribly, adding visual width right at the hip.

I carefully interfaced the zipper opening but not the pocket edges, be warned – you must interface! Even then I’m not sure they wouldn’t gape on my figure shape. The lovely Rachel from Boo Dogg & Me suggested adding buttons to the pockets to pull them in. I’m thinking about that.

I sewed a 20 according to my hip size and added four back waist darts and graded down the waistband.

Looking at these photos, I think I let my paranoia win and hemmed it too long. The length is a little dowdy. But since I sewed a beautiful hand stitched hem I really can’t be bothered doing it again. Given the lack of options in my wardrobe I will wear this skirt, but I won’t be making the pattern again. Live and learn! At least my cardi is nice.


4 thoughts on “Tappan Zee, Hepburn riding skirt and Melbourne blogger meet up.

  1. The cardi is gorgeous! I really love it on you.
    And the skirt fits very well at the back. If you do decide to sew it again, I wonder if it would help to lift it a bit at the front centre waistband? (And /or sew a slightly narrower seam allowance in the part above the pleat?) I’ve looked at this skirt for myself, so I’m interested. I always love to see what you’ve sewn so I hope the photo process is getting easier!

  2. It was lovely to meet you – and great to have discovered your blog. Very pleased that you followed my demands to post what you were wearing! I especially love that cardi – I’m rather partial to Harmony myself.

  3. Well, rats on “meh” makes (I’m sitting on an unblogged one myself) and meh pictures! I agree with Lyndle, the back fit is great—you should definitely try buttoning (or even stitching shut) the pockets—I know, no pockets would suck, but a skirt you don’t like sucks more!

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