Mushroom dress and new cutting table

I’ve been thinking about my lack of sewing productivity and my frustration with that, and came to the conclusion that it was the tracing and cutting phase that was just too hard. This is because I was working on the kitchen table which required clearing away after every tiny snatch of  kid-free time I found.


Ta da! One cheap folding table from Bunnings. I am very lucky that I have room for it. I felt immediately unblocked and started cutting out a dress I had been planning for ages.


The mushroom dress! Very twirly.


The pattern is Ottobe 01/2012-13 Green Butterfly, the velour dress on the cover. It is offered in sizes 86-122, basically toddlers and preschooler sizes, so I graded it up one size to a 128. I was using up remnant fabrics, and I had very little left, especially of the gorgeous mushroom print knit (from Crafty Mamas), so I had to change the height and width of the tiers. There is also some unusual seaming in there, each tier is made up of whatever number of pieces I could eek out.


The pattern is really designed for a younger child than my 5 year old, and I found the bodice to be quite wide and short.


I basically totally ignored the instructions, doing a contrast bound neckline instead of the hemmed neckline suggested (note to self cut 4.0cm strips for a 1.0cm bound edge next time, 3.5cm is not quite wide enough).


I gathered the tiers with pulled threads instead of elastic, and I hemmed with a curved stitch, one of the few ‘fancy’ stitches my 30 year old mechanical machine has.


The colours are VERY bright, but it’s super twirly, has sleeves so it’s kinder friendly (unlike the rest of her dresses which do not meet the sunsmart requirement and hence have to be worn with a t-shirt underneath), and best of all, Althea loves it!



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