Knitting for Blythe dolls

I have been knitting for Blythe dolls too! I took some Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply yarn that I had hand dyed away with me on my week long holiday over Christmas. I took my smallest needles (3.00mm) and looked up patterns on Ravelry on my phone – no planning required!


The cardigan pattern is Blythe by Jessica Johnson. I used 3.00mm needles instead of 2.00mm needles and the fit is a little roomy but they still turned out pretty well, I think. The cardigan is knit top-down and I did decorative yarn over increases around the shoulders of the orange cardi and make one’s for the purple. There was an option to knit the sleeves in the round or flat, I knit them flat and seamed them at the end.



The pattern has no closures but they would not be hard to add if you could source such tiny buttons or snaps. I added a garter band down both front openings for the purple cardi.

Next up was the Blythe Pixie Hat by Maggie Baird. This was a very easy and cute pattern. Knit flat, seamed up the back and then the neck band picked up around the base and knitted in one with the neck strap. The bling gold button was Althea’s choice!



It fits snugly and is a very cute style.

Lastly I made the Ecoliere beret by Maggie Baird. This is knit in the round from the Fisherman’s rib brim up to the sweet little icord umbilicus.



This is the regular length beret, with 5cm of straight knitting before the crown decreases. As you can see, it’s pretty full and slouchy.

So I think that Sally and Ruby are adequately clothed for now, I’m going back to sewing and knitting for humans!



My next knitting project is also in 4ply and tiny (2.75mm) needles. It is a traditional looking colourwork beanie that my Dad chose as his birthday gift.



It is taking forever……only 4cm of ribbing done and another 6cm to go. I’ve already watched more than nine hours hours of Lord of Rings extended version on DVD – I may have watched all the ‘making of’ documentaries as well by the time this hat’s done. Though there seems to be a bit of a knitting pause every time Aragorn or Arwen makes an appearance on screen 😉


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