OMG I’m knitting stranded colourwork!

Yep, I’ve taken the big, deep plunge into Fair Aisle/ stranded colourwork!



And I’m knitting it the most time consuming way possible, by picking up and putting down each strand, each time I knit one, two, three etc stitches. If you think that I’ll be knitting continental on one side and English on the other, you’ve got to be kidding! I have not been knitting very long! I would really like to figure out how to hold both yarns in my right hand and knit but it’s not really working for me. I’ll keep trying because this is seriously slow!

Talking of slow……..



I give you 10cm of 3 by 3 ribbing in 4ply on 2.75mm needles. This took about 15 hours and was very seriously boring. But it’s over now, and I am very proud of my twisted German cast-on, first time ever, and in fact only my second long-tail cast on.

This hat is the Oslo Star Hat. I offered to make my Dad a hat for his birthday, which fell while we were away down at the beach. I pulled up Ravelry and searched for adult male hats patterns, got rid of ones only available in print, and let Dad choose a pattern from the hundreds of patterns that remained. This rather traditional-looking hat was what he chose. It looks rather like a Scandinavian style ski beanie to me, but don’t quote me, I am not well versed on cultural knitting styles. Dad also chose this traditional blue and white colour scheme. I did tell him that I’d never done colourwork before, but I was willing to give it a go!

In other awesome news, look what my amazing aunt knitted for Ruby and Sally!



What a gorgeous skirt! That pattern looks like Swap Skirt for Blythe. It even has a cute little button closure.



(And excuse Sally’s freaky fringe. Althea took to her with a pair of scissors concerned that her hair was in her eyes. Hopefully I’ve convinced her to ask me if she wants to hairstyle her dolls and I will do it, so it will at least be straight.)

Also this cute dress….



which is a very mini dress on it’s own, but looks great as a tunic and matches Ruby’s make up very well. What I lovely gift! and impeccably knitted too. Althea is a very lucky girl.



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