Not much to report

though I did make some knickers on the weekend.


They are wearable but I’m probably not going to wear them. It would take a few iterations to get them just how I want them and I don’t really want to spend my very, very precious free time sewing underwear when I’m not that unhappy with what I can buy.

I am also desperately trying to finish Dad’s colour work Olso star beanie before he leaves for skiing in Japan (I am sooooooo jealous!). But since that means it needs to be finished in five hours time, it’s not going to happen. I’m probably only two or three knitting hours short! Ah well.


One thought on “Not much to report

  1. Hi Claire! J pointed me at your blog after telling me about the gorgeous dress you made. I have exactly the same feels about making my own knickers – I persisted, because having made them really successfully for the kid, and almost as successful boxers for R., I thought I should make them for me too. I’ve tried THREE different patterns: a self-drafted one, a kwik-sew, and a Crafty Mamas one, and I get the same problem each time. I make them to the right size (always a size smaller than I think), and then they stretch out and get baggy and strained-looking as I wear them. Awful! *lol* I’m using good quality fabrics, too. So frustrating. 🙂 Think I’ll give up and use my precious sewing time for the stuff I *know* gets a good outcome!

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