Oslo star beanie!

So I finally finished the Oslo Star Beanie that was my Dad’s birthday present. His birthday fell in late December while we were all at the beach, so I opened up Ravelry and filtered for hats, male or unisex and patterns available online. This is the pattern he chose and the colours he requested.


It was a rather traditional choice I think, but Dad has a traditional blue and white knitted hat that he bought in Scandinavia when he travelled there in his early twenties, so I suspect that inspired his choice.


The yarn is Morris Empire 4ply  which is a really lovely and soft 100% Merino wool, highly twisted. It felt very nice to work with though there were a few obviously joins in the yarn.


I made the shorter 4″ brim and the largest size, 60cm, for my Dad’s 58cm head. It is seen here modelled on my own 57.5cm head and you can see that it is really much too large for a fitted beanie, it really is more like a Tam or slouch hat. I hope Dad is ok with that, as I think he was expected a fitted hat. If he wants a different hat and I get to keep this one I won’t be sad.


This was my very first colour work, knitted in the “pick up one strand, knit it, put it down and pick up the other strand” method. Which was reasonably easy but very slow. I tried holding two yarns in one hand and just couldn’t get the hang of it. And never having had any luck with knitting continental I wasn’t about to try two handed colour work. One new thing at a time!



I had a few issues with the pattern. Firstly I used far more yarn that the pattern stated and had to go out an buy a second ball of the blue yarn which was pretty annoying. Thankfully I was able to purchase the same dye lot. Secondly, in the last 10 rows I think there is some error with where the decreases are placed. If I knit them where written then I ended up with the wrong number of stitches. I knit them where I needed to to get the correct number of stitches. Also I now notice that a few other Ravellers found that the pattern ran large. It is a bit disappointing.


I’m also not sure that there is any way to make the crown sit flat. I haven’t blocked it because I scared it might get even bigger, but I guess it will have to be washed eventually.

All up and am rather proud of this hat. It took quite a lot of time and concentration. Annoyingly I finished it a few days _after_ Dad left for a ski trip in Japan. So the hat is here in sunny Melbourne and Dad is in the snowy Japanese alps! C’est la vie! It will be winter here soon enough.


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