So there is no sewing or knitting post this week as our family has made our annual trip to Womadelaide. This is a world music festival held in the beautiful Botanic Park in the centre of Adelaide. We go each year and stay with my lovely mother in law.


In fact the first Womadelaide I went to was 14 years ago. Benno and I had been going out for all of two weeks when he invited me to come to Womad and stay with his Mum. I was a bit terrified but I packed up my ’79 Corona and made the 800km drive. I had a great time.


It is by far the most family friendly music festival that I know of. It draws a really mixed age crowd, kids, young people, older people and is generally a very chilled, safe place to hang out for the weekend. There are plenty of beautiful trees to sit under and interesting food and drink. The music is varied and so diverse. With seven stages (generally only three or four at a time) you always discover some new an amazing act. I really enjoyed the Soweto Gospel Choir this year.


Though these days I do spend a lot less time sitting with a cider, chatting with my friends and listening to music and a lot more time hanging out at the kids zone. I did have some lovely times with the kids. Althea got to stay up late at womad for the first time too.



The heat this year was quite brutal. On the final day it was 39 degrees and I ended up a bit heat effected despite sensible precautions.  I have never coped very well with extreme heat. But still, a really fabulous time was had.



2 thoughts on “Womadelaide

  1. Hey, my brother lives in Adelaide! Now I’m doubly (triply?) jealous. This looks like an awesome event, too, AND it’s hot?!? 😉

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