Another Tiramisu

So it turns out that there is another lovely sewist in my office. After she turned up in a totally lovely Tiramisu midriff and skirt and Vogue cowl neck dress, I decided that I must just feel the fear and darn well sew. It’s only fabric. So here is another Cake Tiramisu.


The fabric is viscose jersey from Rathdowne Fabrics. It is very drapy and slinky. I definitely needed to wear a slip under this one. I think I actually cut this out on the crosswise grain by accident. The light in my sewing mezzanine is very poor at night, and with the dark colour…..whatever, feel the fear and just sew. I don’t think it’s really an issue.


I added another 10cm to the already lengthened pattern, otherwise sewed this exactly the same as my last version. It’s really not the most flattering thing I’ve ever sewn, but very comfortable and the fabric feels lovely. I am desperately in need of work clothes and as this (hopefully) doesn’t need ironing it should fit the bill until it gets too cold (not much hope of that – 32 degrees forecast tomorrow!).

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my Vogue pattern choices! I really appreciated it. The long run of solo parenting is not quite over, but soon, soon!


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