bits and bobs

There’s been a few big emotionally draining things going on around here, that combined with a toddler that has been waking for the day at 4.30 or 5.00am and just occasionally 3.30 or 6.00am, and the result is that there is no big shiny finished object to share.

I started my Vogue 1333 skirt, and seeing the size of the pattern pieces decided to CUT THE TISSUE. This is blasphemy to me, but just occasionally all the tracing gets me down, especially really large pattern pieces. I can break the rules and ruin the pattern if I want to.

Something silver is creeping along slowly. I generally only get three body rows done in a night before I fall over with exhaustion, and that’s not every night. I am really hoping that it’ll be done in time to wear this winter though.

I even started making some wide wale corduroy toddler pants, that had been planned for last winter, but when overlocking across the bake yoke seam I ended up with this:


which after replaced needles and complete rethreading, still resulted in this:


So now my overlocker is in for repair and service.

It’s cooling down, we lit the fire for the first time of the season, the leaves on the wisteria are yellowing and some plain white yarn arrived in the mail. So in snatched moments, I’ll gather my energy, dream of what colours I’ll dye my yarn and keep on keeping on.



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