Orange swirl hat

I have cast on a winter hat for my toddler son. Which is exactly what one should be doing when I have a big cardigan for myself that I am half way through and desperate to wear RIGHT NOW.



But my baby doesn’t have a hat and I just bought him a bright orange winter coat, which would just look so adorable with a bright orange hand dyed hand knitted hat……….



Wouldn’t he look cute with a little orange hat?

The pattern is Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington. The yarn in Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply that I hand dyed using Landscape dyes. I did a twisted German cast on which is a lovely cast on that I have recently learned, and of course I had to do it twice because I didn’t make the long tail long enough the first time.

Here is where my Something Silver is at.


I am so looking forward to wearing it, at it’s woollen weather right now, but I have so far to go – another 6″ of body pattern and then a very wide garter band and two pockets, and the sleeves. I’ll keep plugging away. Knitting an adult size garment really takes perseverance!


4 thoughts on “Orange swirl hat

  1. That yarn looks lovely, and will be great with J’s coat. Looking forward to seeing it!

    I have so many projects either “on the go” or in my head wanting to be started at the moment that it’s hard to work out what to knit when I sit down to it!

  2. You inspired me to start knitting again! When mum, J and I went up to the high country last weekend, she was knitting some very cool learning-to-crawl overalls for our new baby cousin, and I was knitting a beanie for my J after seeing the one you’re knitting for your J! Ten hours in the car, both projects advanced swiftly, but her thick yarn and small person pattern progressed more quickly!

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