A tale of two wadders

So I finished up my first garment from the US trip fabric/pattern haul and I just couldn’t bring myself to share it straightaway because it was so bad. Unwearably bad. Hello Vogue 1333.



Just check out the volume! Back AND front bustle. Nice. Also this


Those tucks STICK OUT big time. It actually looks worse than the photos show. It was very windy when these shots were taken and it still stuck out.

And check this out.


So bad. I seriously considered ripping off the elastic waist and adding a yoked waist and a zip, but in the end there really was no saving this skirt. I’ve put in on several times and I just have to take it off before I step out the door.

My husband commented that this skirt pattern is a great idea that just doesn’t work out, and I agree. Now partially this is my fault. This pattern is for a knit and I used a drapy polyester blend woven. I did this because I don’t love knit skirts and I had seen a successful woven version of this online – review here and pic here. I probably should have noted that sfshaza has a totally different figure type to me hmmmmm. Anyway I kvetched about this pattern on PR here.  Clearly success is possible with this pattern (cool stripy version) but not for me – I’m giving up on this one.

So what I really needed was some success! A quick and easy win. StyleArc Eva knit top will do the trick!


Oh yeah. Let’s check out that neckline.



So nice. Not. And just for full exposure here’s the back.


The sleeves are too tight and not long enough – I lengthened the 3/4 sleeves the pattern came with, but the biggest issue is that neck band.

First of all the proportions are wrong in the size 16. The band needs to extend further down so that gathers fall across the  bust not above it. It just looks a bit truncasted and polo-ish. I know I’m full busted but still I think the grading is a bit off.

Secondly the band is interfaced. All the back neck ickiness is caused by the back piece not fitting smoothly onto the band, which it won’t because you can’t stretch it on as it’s interfaced and not stretchy. This also causes the band to stick up and not conform to the body. There is also not enough fabric in the gathers for them to look like gathers, they look like mistakes.

The pattern says that the interfacing is not mandatory, it depends on the weight of your fabric. This is a very lightweight jersey that I picked up as a remnant from Clear It on Brunswick St, Fitzroy, where they sell the Alannah Hill leftover fabrics. Surely this lightweight stuff needed it? I cannot imagine being able to sew those square front corners on without it, and anyway the patterns suggests running stay-stitching around the neckband before insertion which would make it non-stretchy anyway.

You can see from the RTW top (City Chic) I’m wearing with the dud Vogue skirt that vertical bust gathering can look quite good on the busty girl. This top does not get that look.

So two duds in a row. I really hope that my next project works out!


2 thoughts on “A tale of two wadders

  1. Aww, shoot! How disappointing. I wonder if a stretchy knit interfacing would’ve worked for the top neckline. Though I think you’re right about the proportions being off, too. Do you think you’ll try the skirt again in a drapey knit? It is an interesting piece!

    • I think stretchy knit interfacing would be perfect actually! I’ve never used it myself but it’s obviously something I need to find! Thanks for that. I think I’ll give the skirt a miss for now. I’ll see if the inspiration to try again returns- but probably not.

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