Dissing the sewing and loving the knitting

I’ve been feeling very meh about sewing but well satisfied with knitting lately.

I spent a sad hour or two mooching around my sewing space trying to find inspiration and a surefire win project. Instead I ended up looking through acres and acres of patterns that I traced and altered but never made, muslined but never made, made but was unhappy with. The big issue is fit. I find it so, so hard to get fit I am happy with. That’s why I’m so unhappy with ready to wear clothes, and why I sew, but gosh the fruitless hours and hours of my life tracing, altering and still being disappointed – well it’s enough to make you take up quilting. Not that I’m going to, but I understand why people do.

But this lovely envelope arrived in the mail today (irritating weeks after the rest of the world got theirs it seems) and I might just give this top and skirt a go.


There’s even a Cake Hummingbird sew along, not that I need the sewing advice dispensed, but the fitting advice will be right welcome. I also traced off the Renfrew knit top pattern so maybe my sewing enthusiasm will return

On the other hand, the knitting is going roaringly.


I just love the smell of this merino yarn. It smells so sheepy and is soft but also slightly tacky, like there are still traces of lanolin in the yarn. I just have to give it a lovely big sniff every time I take it out. I’ve always loved the smell of wool, especiallty freshly washed wool jumpers. Mmmmm

I have made the selfish decision not to knit Julian a jumper for his birthday until I have finished this cardigan for myself. I really desperately want to be able to wear this cardi NOW, NOW, NOW and certainly this winter. The leaves are already mostly fallen from the deciduous trees and my winter coat is by the front door, the kids wore beanies to walk to school this morning. It is woolly jumper time and I am so looking forward to this one.


It will have pockets!

I’m also surprised by how much I’m getting into the garter stitch. Being a fairly new knitter I have tended to avoid it as I felt that it looked too beginner-ish. But the texture is really beginning to grow on me and I am pleasantly surprised. Which is just as well really since I have so 3.5″ of the garter stitch body still to go.

We went down to the beach last weekend and the kids had a fabulous time wading, getting drenched and running around on the beach.





It was lovely to get away.


4 thoughts on “Dissing the sewing and loving the knitting

  1. Love the panoramic shot of the beach with a little Julian in the foreground splashing around!! I am still in awe of your knitting – I find seeing much faster, although I agree the issues of fit can be frustrating and I have multiple half made garments hanging around. Another year of knitting simple beanies and scarves for me, while your cardi looks brilliantly professional and so nearly finished!

  2. I envy you the knitting patience! I lack it completely.

    That being said, I would love to see what you do with the hummingbird, especially the skirt. I’m really curious how the sizing will work out for different people. 🙂 either way, I hope you have less frustration in your future!

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