Gum girl costume

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been offline so long. I’ve been unwell and exhausted so the sewing and knitting has just not been happening.  I’ve also missed Frocktails and one Social Sewing and will miss the next one as well….. ah well.

Image 3

But things seem to be improving, in fact when my daughter came home from school advising me that she wanted to be Gum girl for Superhero Day for Muscular Dystrophy, I actually offered to make her a costume in the 1.5 hours I had that afternoon (a pretty usual occurance I can tell you).  She knew nothing about gum girl except that a friend had told her about her, and that she wears all pink.  This of course was the key factor as Althea is still in the PINK PINK AND DRESSES ALWAYS phase.   I have since googled gum girl and guess that her friend must have this graphic novel.

Image 4

In my stash I found exactly one piece of pink fabric – a vile magenta polyester chiffon that I bought for $2/m or thereabouts to practise sewing sheer fabrics.  I totally happy to see it go and there was lots of it.

Image 1

For the cape I cut a width right across and used the selvedges for the front openings. I overlocked one cut edge which had the effect of gathering the fabric.  I then stitched some turquoise ric rac on top to form a tie.


For the bottom edge I did and overlocker rolled hem.  Switching the overlocked over and rethreading it was one of the more time-consuming parts of the project.

Image 2

For the skirt I used all the remaining fabric (there was a lot of it) and sewed the raw edges together to form a tube.  I then folded the fabric tube in half length ways so that I had a double layer skirt with both selvedges at the hem. I then straight stitched a generous casing, threaded elastic through it, sewed the elastic into a loop and closed the hole in the casing.  This is not be favourite elastic application but it was the quickest and easiest method and avoided any raw edges I would need to finish.  The skirt is really a bit long but I didn’t want to hem it!

This gum girl costume looks absolutely nothing like the comic book version, but Althea didn’t care (having never read the comic) and neither did I.  I don’t think she has any concept of what a superhero is anyway, never having watched Superman or Batman, as those movies are really not suitable for five year olds and neither are superhero comics.  She was pleased with her costume though, and I felt pretty good for being able to provide it.  Her friend at school told her that gum girl doesn’t wear a cape so another friend ended up wearing it as a skirt. Sounds like everyone was happy!


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