Drop-waisted girls dresses

I’m feeling very uninspired to sew lately. Probably because of the two nasty time-consuming failures hanging around my sewing space (looking at you Colette Hawthorn and Cake Hummingbird), so I decided that a big tidy up was in order. In sorting through and filing all my traced out pattern pieces I found a few things that I had cut out but not sewn up – including this lovely Ottobre dress for my daughter.

IMG_3895 IMG_3896I

I bought the printed corduroy fabric quite a few winters ago from Rathdowne Fabrics and the cut out the pattern – Ottobre 03/2011-18 Tropical blend  dress – last winter. Thank goodness that I cut a generous size 128, she is now about 130cm tall and apart from being a bit short, the fit is perfect. In fact I’d say that the length (almost mid-thigh, the pictures don’t show it well) is very similar to the pattern pictures.

IMG_3890 IMG_3891

I added thick bias binding to create a false hem to get all possible length out of the cut pieces I had. I used a brown cotton twill for the facings and birch decorative snaps at the shoulders. The pattern has flat piping trim but I left that off as it wouldn’t add much in this print.

IMG_3901 IMG_3900

Althea was very pleased with the dress and given how variable the spring weather has been lately I imagine that she will get some wear out of it before summer.

I then needed a quick birthday present for a 6th birthday party, and so whipped up a summer version of this dress.

IMG_3940 IMG_3939

Althea’s friend is thankfully a similar height and build to Althea so I made the 128 again. I added 2cm length to the skirt, and it ended up just above knee length on her friend. The friend seemed very pleased with it and put it on and ran around in it at the end of the party – which thankfully was a lovely warm, sunny day.

This was a great pattern and some very satisfying sewing. Althea now wants a summer version for herself but I’m not making any promises!


2 thoughts on “Drop-waisted girls dresses

  1. Aww! Cute dresses! I have a dress I cut out for my little niece a few months ago I had better sew up before she does too much growing, too. 😛

    What happened with the Hummingbird?

    • It was the Hummingbird skirt and it was just a totally unfun sew from the start. Pieces didn’t line up, marks were missing, skirt panels different lengths. Battled through that to find that the whole skirt is ridiculously short on me – the longer view mind – and too short to be a work skirt which is what I made it for….. So it’s sitting unhemmed and will probably stay that way.

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