Baby clothes

So I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and life is running by so fast with everything going on in our family – I was definitely feeling like this unborn child was getting less time and attention than my other two did. I mean, we don’t have a name shortlist, I haven’t had time to keep up yoga as I did in the past, I haven’t knitted anything for the baby, or even planned to – yup – the reality of a third pregnancy is that it just kind of happens while everything else is.  So I decided that I was going to make the effort to haul my exhausted self up the ladder to my sewing space and make some baby clothes.


I have a lot of small or remnant pieces of knit fabric – jersey, french terry, rib knit, velour, so I knew that some pretty cute garments could be made with what I already have. I also have a huge stack of Ottobre kids magazines – which have heaps of well-drafted baby clothes so I really had no impediment to starting. (Actually I really wanted to buy Farbenmix’s Zwegenverpackung pattern, but it’s not available as a download, nor in stock anywhere in Australia right now – so I decided to suck it up and not buy another pattern that I don’t need.)

IMG_4367 IMG_4368

These pants are from the Autumn 4/2012 issue and are 7. Crawl and roll – loose fit jeans for baby, available in seven sizes 56-92. They do indeed look like they will be very loose, baggy pants, in fact they look rather ginormous on the baby in the magazine, especially in the rise, but there is something rather adorable about that too. In fact they remind me a lot of the Bonds Roomies Cord pants which are quite popular, and Julian had a pair as a baby.  It would be an excellent pattern if you were using cloth nappies.


The denim is extremely soft and lightweight, which it needs to be. I repurposed it from a skirt that a sewed for myself a few years ago that was not a success, the fabric was originally from Rathdowne Fabrics.  The striped rib was from Craftymamas Fabrics, I think it is Hilco Ringel.

IMG_4369 IMG_4371

There is a fair bit of detail in these pants – the back pockets, knee patches, crotch gusset, and quite a lot of topstitching. Worth it though!

The t-shirt is from the same issue and is 1. Mint T-shirt, also in sizes 56-92. I made both patterns in the size 56, which given that my other babies were 52 and 54.5cm long at birth, I’m hoping will fit for the first month.


This T-shirt has set in sleeves, rib binding at neck and sleeve hems and a back neck opening with a fastener.

IMG_4364 IMG_4365

The body fabric is cotton-elastane jersey, probably from Rathdowne Fabrics and the rib is the same as before.

IMG_4363 IMG_4366

I used a multistep zig zag stitch for the hem and a press stud for the closure – the pattern called for a snap or a flat button. I constructed the whole thing on my sewing machine as I find using an overlocker too cumbersome for something as small and precise as baby clothes.

Overall I’m really pleased with this little ensemble and think I might add a sewn jacket and hat. Does anyone know of a good pattern for little sewn baby shoes/bootees? It would be nice to have a complete outfit.


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