Gradient yarn

I am totally obsessed with gradient yarn. I just love watching the colour changes come in. I love admiring the gradually changing stripes in my Nymphalidea.


I always want to knit just one more wedge to see how the colour comes out. I want to pat it and stroke it. I love how the stripes look on the right side. I love how the stripes look on the wrong side. I love how the colour changes along the mesh edge are getting closer together as the rows are getting longer. I’m definitely obsessed.

IMG_4403 IMG_4410

I am also totally in love with this colourway.  It is Knitpicks Chroma Fingering in Midwinter. The intense cerulean blue evolves into grey, into icy mauve, into magenta and back to blue. The blue is definitely my favourite shade, the pastel mauve and grey are not colours I would have chosen on their own, but I love the way the gradient works as a whole. And it is evocative of midwinter, which felt very appropriate when I cast on this shawl in Seattle in December, and faintly rediculous in Melbourne in January (at least the heat wave is over and the fabric is reasonably light and airy on my lap).


I have only worked with gradient yarn once before, a handspun angora and silk that I made into a lacy scarf. I found the colour changes very addictive then too, although the single loosely twisted handspun angora plied with a silk thread was a challenging knit for the beginner I was then.
My lovely mother-in-law has knitted two beautiful shawlettes from gradient yarn recently, a Citron from Zauberball and a semicircular lacy thing from Noro. Both received much petting and admiration from me when we were visiting her recently.


I have many projects that I should be working on, but I find that I’m only really enthused about creating more things with this lovely yarn, exactly this yarn in exactly this colourway. It does come in a worsted weight version, so maybe I could try that. It is very tempting. Very tempting. Because single-ply hand-wash only yarn would be so practical for baby garments – right? right? I’m thinking a midwinter Luuk hat. Should I succumb?



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