Kaffe Fassett summer dress

My daughter Althea was given a gorgeous dress for her sixth birth last September. She absolutely loved it. It was however a very small size 9 (I had worded up the gift givers on size) and proceeded to shrink several more sizes in the wash. She squeezed herself into it for quite a while but I eventually convinced her to gift it to her petite five year old friend, whose Mum and I agreed that the dress was about a size 6. In compensation for having lost her favourite dress I decided to make her a new summer dress.


I was after a very simple pattern (I’m pretty tired and I wanted to give it to her soon) and this Ottobre dress 3/2013-16 Flower Hexagon (sizes 92-146) fit the bill. I made size 134 – Althea is currently 133cm tall and you can see it is a loose and roomy style. I lengthened the skirt by 1cm as I thought the modelled picture looked a bit short and omitted the pockets.


The back ribbon tie is a nice detail and the binding for the back slit was the only slightly time consuming detail. I like that this dress has short sleeves. There are not many older girls dress styles that are not strappy and it’s so annoying to have to ask Althea to wear a Tshirt under her dress on a hot day  for sunsmart compliance (bare shoulders is sunburn waiting to happen).


The fabric was from the box of fabric that I ordered from fabric.com to celebrate finishing my PhD thesis and to be frank I was always disappointed with it. It is a rayon even-weave woven with a Kaffe Fassett design. The colours are more fluorescent that I expected and it has a real 80s vibe that I hate. I was never able to use this fabric for myself but Althea doesn’t seem to mind it. (If you happen to like it fabric.com has that design printed on cotton in stock – it’s called Millefiore Blue).


In fact, this whole dress is not my favourite make really. The drop waisted and style and the bright print look really 80s, and not in a good way (well IMHO there is no good way). Anyway, the dress is cool for the current horrifically hot weather and fits well. The fabric is even not too bad at a distance 😉  Althea likes it so I guess that’s a win!



3 thoughts on “Kaffe Fassett summer dress

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the wearer! I think the fabric is nice in this dress – great that you got to use it. What is it with kids clothes sizing? I get that kids come in all shapes and sizes but it does make it challenging for aunties who want to shop or sew for a child that can’t be measured in detail.
    What was your thesis on? Did you finish it while looking after children? That is most impressive!

  2. it’s funny isn’t it, how differently we can view things. the first thing that I thought upon seeing the dress was “wow! I LOVE that fabric!” I also think the drop waist looks roomy and easy to play in. I could be biased though as one of my favourite childhood dresses was a dropwaist dress too.

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