Rainbow hats!

Well I’ve finally succumbed to the matching thing and have made my children coordinating rainbow hats!


The pattern is Luuk by Annis Jones the Woolen Horse, and the yarn is Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in the colourway Prism. I was basically inspired by a Ravelry project I found (here) and copied gluecksfisch’s pattern and yarn combination.


The smallest hat is the 0-3 month size with the smaller bobble- it looks absolutely tiny! I made Julian (2.5 years, 51cm head) the Child 20″ size and it’s a very snug fit.


(Two year olds – not the keenest photo models).

For Althea (6.5 years, 54.5cm head) I made the Adult 22″ size and the fit is pretty good. I did the big bobbles on both of the larger hats. Bobbles seem little crazy but I think they really make this style!

IMG_4807 IMG_4809

(She would only model the hat if she got to show off her sticker art – cooperative kiddies aren’t they?)

The pattern was great – the alternating ridges really show off the gradient rainbow colours and it’s a bit more interesting than just a plain hat. This pattern has ‘purl front and back’ which was a new stitch for me and is darn fiddly.


I’m really pleased with these hats and am planning to make one more in the 6-12 month size as I expect that the tiny hat will fit for about two weeks and may not even get worn as, well, a worsted weight woollen hat is not really what a March/April baby in a temperate climate is really going to need. I wasn’t quite able to cast on four practically identical hats in a row though – I’m attempting to cast on (third attempt now) a hat for me, and after that I’ll be back to fuzzy rainbow goodness!


3 thoughts on “Rainbow hats!

  1. I just want to say, that when I picked the Luuk pattern to make hats for you and Tessa I didn’t realise you had already done so. Something about great minds thinking alike. Its a fun pattern to knit.

      • J was wearing his at the zoo and it looked adorable. I did the 1-3month baby size. I have have enough of the yarn left to make a six month size, but was thinking of fingerless gloves instead.

        I may need to go buy rainbow stripy wool, but am trying to cold sheep until next Bendigo sheep and wool show.

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