Midwinter antelope hat

I was so happy with my Nymphalidlea shawl in the midwinter colourway that I ordered a ball of Knitpicks Chroma midwinter in the worsted weight so that I could make a coordinating hat. And here it is!


Please excuse the sleep deprived, no make up selfies, complete with Ergoed newborn!  Glamorous photo shoots are not really my top priority at the moment.  I’m typing this post one handed while breastfeeding – it’s about as annoying and difficult as you would expect!


The pattern is Antelope Hat by Kelly McClure. I made the beanie rather than the slouch version and as you can see it fits quite snugly (but I do have a much larger than average head). If I make this pattern again I’d definitely try the slouch.

I started this project three times, it was quite infuriating. I ended up constructing the picot brim differently to the pattern instructions, I used a provisional cast on – details are on my Ravelry project here. The picot edge flips up too, despite wet blocking on a size 3 soccer ball, and i don’t think that there’s much i can do about that.


I am pleased with how the colours worked out with the deep blue (my favourite shade in this colourway) framing the face.

IMG_5146 IMG_5147

The use of yarn overs in the decreases at the crown is a lovely touch too.


This hat was completed before Tessa was born and since she arrived I haven’t knit a single stitch, but have been desperate to dash off to my sewing sewing if I ever get any spare minutes. I suspect it’s probably because I spend so much time sitting and breastfeeding that I want to do something more active, and faster, when I get the chance. Swings and roundabouts though, I’m still dreaming of all the lovely things I’d like to knit!


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