Mini chic cardigan for Tessa

I finally finished Tessa’s summer cardigan – and now it’s November and pretty chilly around these parts. That’s ok because she can still wear it indoors as everywhere here is well heated. It’s not going to fit for long though, maybe a month or two. I’ve been working on this cardi at my knitting group for the entire three months I’ve been going and someone mentioned that I better have another baby if I don’t finish it soon. I was actually very bored with all that white stockinette, so the comment really gave me the momentum to finish it!


The yarn is  Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8ply in the colour parchment. It is a very smooth and soft cotton, and seems quite thin for in 8ply/dk weight. I enjoyed knitting with it much more than the other cotton yarn I’ve used, which was Debbie Bliss cotton dk. I think the problem with my previous cotton project was that the gauge and yarn I was working at meant that the knitted fabric was really stiff and knitting at that firm gauge hurt my hands. That cardigan is still really stiff after repeated washing and wearings which is a pity.  The fabric for this little card is really drapy which I much prefer.


You can see here that my tension in the yoke section is quite different to my tension working the sleeves in the round (I used magic loop). Only a knitter would notice that though and I presume that they’d be too polite to say it to my face!


I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of this pattern, Mini Chic by Katie White. While the resultant cardigan is cute, the pattern just didn’t have the nice finishing details that I have come to expect. I knit the very similar Granny’s favourite by Georgie Hallam when I was pregnant with Tessa and it had slip stitches to prevent the garter button bands flipping over and instructions for tightening up the loose stitches under the arms which I appreciated. I also think that the Mini Chic cast on instructions give you a very, very tight cast on edge (perhaps in response to complaints it was too loose) which I blocked out as much as possible and it is only just big enough.


The only changes I made to the pattern was to do some decreases in the first row of the garter wrist cuffs (I trick I picked up from Granny’s favorite) so that I didn’t have sloppy cuffs. The buttons were ones from my button tin, so may have come from one of my grandmothers.

Overall I’m really pleased with it and hope to dress Tessa in it as much as possible for the next month!


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