Star quilt – help me out!

I am in the midst of planning out my first quilt. I have made two strip pieced tops before, one of which has been turned into duvet cover and the other of which is a problematic UFO that will hopefully one day be a duvet cover, but I have never made an actual quilted quilt. I started out making English Paper Pieced stars because they are cool, but now I’m rather tiring of making them and would like to turn them into an actual quilt.

So far I have 24 stars that are 8″ across. They are not truly symmetric bizarrely, but look and stack differently depending on whether the seam straight across the star is horizontal or vertical. I would like to make a twin/single size quilt which google tells me is roughly 68″ by 88″. I trialled some different options on my lounge room floor using some white tablecloths as the background. Tell me which design I should make!

A. Filled in center


This option would fill in the rectangle of stars that is semi-outlined here, and then leave a plain white border. The star section would measure 44″ by 63″ and I would need to make another 35 more stars, for a total of 59. I just don’t think I have it in me.

B. Two double diagonals


Imagine that both of these rows are doubled. A bit like this.


This would look quite modern and would require 18 more stars, which is still quite substantial.

C. Long diamond


Like this it would require only one more star. If I added another row on each diagonal it would take another 12 stars. I would turn it 90 degrees too. I am not very fond of this design.

D. Make a tiny quilt


If I ditched the single bed size idea I could just make a quilt with the stars I have. I would need to add 6 half stars and 10 extra white diamonds to fill in the horizontal edges. It would be 38″ by 31.5″ total and I just don’t know what use I would have for a quilt that size other than hanging it on the wall.

E. Rectangular center with patterned borders

If I took the rectangle of stars about and added one vertical and one horizontal row I could get a rectangle 35″ by 42″ which would leave 16.5″ on the sides and 23″ on the top and bottom if I took it out to single/twin size.


I could round this to 20″ and add some machine pieced borders, flying geese of some such. Given that I have never made a machine pieced block this would add another level of complexity and stress, but might look quite nice. It would take 8 more full stars and 6 more half stars plus the pieced borders. It would look more traditional.

F. Horizontal diagonal stripe


This simple two row diagonal stripe on plain white background only takes 22 stars, two less than I have now, which is a relief. I am a bit concerned that it does not look balanced.

G. Vertical diagonal stripe


This longer diagonal stripe requires only 6 more stars to be made, plus some diamonds filling in the edges. My only concern is that I would end up with ginormous diagonal bias seams when piecing the stars to the background and they could stretch out. Or maybe I could appliqué the stripe of stars onto a whole cloth background?

H. Random applique stars


Break the stars up and appliqué them onto a white background. Requires no new stars. My eight year old said this was her favorite.

So send me your opinions and advice please! Which idea do you like the best?







6 thoughts on “Star quilt – help me out!

  1. Definitely 100% H. Random. Except I’d bunch them into a few groups so it’s a bit more random 🙂
    That way you’ll get something usable out of all this work you’ve put in so far (those stars are very cool) without having to make more stars (which you understandably are over – this seemingly endless repetition is why I can’t quilt!). And I think it’ll show off the stars more than any pattern would.

  2. Random looks great, I’d do that. I actually really like the filled in centre photo as is, wouldn’t bother with extra stars!

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