Rainbow stripes duvet cover


It all started with a rainbow solids jelly roll and it eventually grew into a pieced top and then a duvet cover for my daughter’s 8th birthday. I pretty much made it up as I went along, which is know is not what most beginner quilters do – but it was the process the suited me.

I started by arranging my strips into  pleasing rainbow gradation. I eliminated a few ugly brown and black strips.


I then taped out the size of a US twin duvet on the floor and starting arranging the strips in patterns.


I was rather fond of this starburst but all those crazy angles seemed a bit overwhelming. In the end I settled on plain rainbow stripes. This was inspired by a quilt I found online but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.


I then bought some white strips and sewed them together too.


I cut my rainbow stripes and added white stripes to each end (unpicking the appropriate seam from the solid white stripe block), then added plain white panels between.

I then used a plain white twin bedsheets as a lining to the pieced top, so that i wouldn’t have lots of unfinished seams up against the duvet, they would be protected and the whole thing would last longer. I used basting pins to pin the two layers together and then sewed straight lines along the vertical columns. I used a walking foot but still had a fair amount of shifting.


Then I used another white sheet to create the duvet pocket. You cans see that I used the hemmed sheet ends for the opening itself, and added buttons and buttonholes.


The buttons were the first I have done on my Juki machine and the first automatic buttonholes that I have ever done. It was pretty fun and easy, and certainly quicker than manual buttonholes, which is what my old mechanical Elna could do.


I decided to make a matching pillowcase to go with the duvet cover. This is also lined and has a buttonhole closure.



Here’s how the whole set looks on the bed. US size twin duvets are much wider than the old Australian single size ones (of which I still have a few from my childhood). The duvet hangs down much further one each side of the bed than I was expecting, not that that’s a bad thing. The bed pictured is an Australian single which is apparently 2″ narrower than a US twin mattress.


Overall both I and my daughter were pretty pleased with this! It was certainly more expensive than buying a duvet cover and pillowcase, but I feel the design is child appropriate and also suitable for an older girl or rainbow-loving adult, so should last a fair while. While a proper quilted quilt might be more timeless, a duvet cover will get a lot more day to day use, and was what my daughter wanted.




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