Banff colourwork hat

I very rarely am excited by new pattern releases, but recently a rare thing happened. Tin Can Knits released the Banff hat pattern as part of Camp Tolt – and I just had to knit it NOW.

It helped that I already had suitable yarn – Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted – which I have used for colourwork hats before. This was a fun knit and I really love the two colour tree design. I was going camping soon (first time in eight years) and felt like a new hat to wear. I used magic loop as I didn’t have any short circulars in the right size.

I knit the 23″ size for my 23″ head using the recommended needle sizes (4.00mm ribbing and 5.00mm colourwork). It turned out pretty slouchy after blocking, but was quite tight before wet blocking. It fits better with the brim turned over actually, though that’s not how it was designed.

I really enjoyed this knit and my Ravelry page says that I knocked it out in 3-4 days. I love the way the colors work together too. My only criticism of the pattern is that there is one set up crown decrease row in this size that doesn’t line up with the other decreases, but really that’s minor. I love this hat. Perfect for camping in the cool Pacific North West summer.





2 thoughts on “Banff colourwork hat

  1. Wow! I looove this design. I remember the colourwork Christmas balls you made andthink they were your first? You learn fast… I’d like to have a go but think I might need a teacher for the first go. Did you teach yourself?

    • I did teach myself colourwork. There are quite a few videos around. I started out just picking up and putting down the different strands. This is a flow way to do it, but easy to get started. I think took s two handed colourwork class and can now knit with one colour in each hand (this requires me to knit continental style with the strand in my left hand). I’m not perfect by any means and still have to drop and pick up the yarn to twist the floats. Good luck with it! A teacher would probably be faster but you could get it on your own if you are persistent. I guess it depends on your learning style.

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