About me – ClaireEmily

I love to sew and knit, and dream about all the things I want to make next.  I live with my husband and three children in beautiful Seattle, our hometown is Melbourne, Australia.  And yes, I can spell. The title of this blog is a reference to a song by the band Frente, and that’s how they spelled it.

You can email me at claire at jeamland dot net.


One thought on “About me – ClaireEmily

  1. I love the way the Cancun compliments your body. I just finished two myself. I used Blue Heron Soft Twist Rayon – something I had never worked with before and really had my doubts. I love the feel knitting it and the way is draped itself on. Like you I wear it both as a summer sleeveless and over a turtle neck in cooler weather. I live in Texas so not much use for the heavier knit sweaters I’m used to being from the Seattle area too. I just thought I’d tell you what I did on my 2nd top. I picked a color of blues and greens that reminded me of the Ocean waves and changed the Drop stitch just a bit to make “waves” by wrapping once, then twice, then three times instead of 3 wraps on all the drop stitches. Otherwise I pretty much followed the pattern. Like you I went a little longer. I’ve got mistakes but with the variety of stitches they are not so noticeable. I was inspired by my 94 year old Dad – a retired commercial fisherman in Alaska – so therefore the ocean waves and (now really use your imagination here) the eyelet stitch are the fish and then the netting is the catch net. Now I want to do it again!!!!! I wish I could show you a picture of the waves. It is really cool! Have a Happy Day! Kathy

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