A palate cleanser – Sorbetto – and a denim skirt

I’ve been feeling really blocked with my sewing lately. I’ve been working on an eight panel, yoked godet skirt (StyleArc Janet) in black rayon twill for work. It has incredibly time consuming and frustrating to sew and I just know that fitting it is going to be even more painful still. It’s been sitting up there unfinished for weeks. One time I found a spare 30 minutes and made negative progress, forgot that it was 10mm seams not 15mm, ended up unpicking, ripping a hole as I did and then having to mend it.


So I decided on a palate cleanser – a quick, easy project that would hopefully be an inspiring win, because I really need one. Given that it’s stinking hot right now I decided on the free Colette Sorbetto top. This has been made many, many times before, there’s only, like 101 reviews of it on PatternReview. And you know what, I didn’t read copious reviews and I hardly made any alterations, not even a FBA, I just said damn it, it’s a loose top, I’m going to see how the other half lives and pick the size based on my bust measurement, cut and sew. And guess what, it’s not perfect but it’s totally wearable.


The fabric is a Japanese cotton that I bought at Spotlight years ago. It has a very 70s vibe and I never made that shirt I planned because I had second thoughts about this small floral print on me. This small sleeveless top is really about as much of this floral as I’d want to wear.


I made a size 14 for a 42″ bust and the only alterations I made were letting out the shoulder seams to 5mm seams and making it the length of the size 18. I made self fabric bias tape using Colette’s super nifty continuous method. The bias trim and front pleat are lovely details – Sarai, she knows how to draft a nice pattern. The pattern states it takes two hours to sew but this project took me a solid 4 hours including making the bias tape. I am very pleased with it.


In fact, I was so happy and inspired that I dragged out my Sally Jeans skirt┬áthat had been sitting almost completed, but without a waistband for many months. I abandoned it when I realised that the fit was going to be very disappointing and I was so far in that I couldn’t bear to unpick it, and couldn’t see a good way to fix it.


See that wrinkling and bagging at the back waist? Well it’s not nice but I’m going to live with it. This area is a huge problem for me, as attested by the ugly back waist darts that I add into my RTW clothing and the darts I deepen and add to me-sewn clothes. What I did here was reshape the yoke panel to incorporate the darts. Can’t say it was a huge success. I think the yoke is too narrow to take the full transition – if they were real darts they would be longer than that.


This skirt is great apart from that. It is really very me, if you know what I mean. The contoured waistband is comfy and the shape is good for me. In fact I like it so much that I actually wore it to work today, even though a jeans skirt is really a bit casual for my office.


Yes that’s the dawn. It was 7.15am. So I think I’ll round that off to sewing win.